Specialty Items

Following are some of the many radius components we can manufacture to fulfill even the most challenging of architectural requirements.

Railing Integrated Porch Post Caps

You can now have custom porch post caps made that have integrated railing stubs.

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Curved Crown Mouldings

For those extra special architectural details, we can create radiused crown mouldings. These are often used as accentuating detail around centrally located windows, or as ceiling trim in circular rooms and against vaulted ceilings.

Curved Crown Mouldings can be made to match:

Required Moulding size and shape

Required Moulding pattern

Both window and ceiling applications to match your radius specifications

Crown Moulding Installation Photos
Crown Moulding Profiles

Arched Jamb Units

(For arched passageways)

Arched jamb units are used in alcoves and passageways between rooms. They consist of two curved mouldings and a curved jamb. They can be shipped assembled or as individual components. Used in combination with various straight side casing treatments they can become the focal point of any room.

Round Top Opening Through A Curved Wall

Mouldings for a half round doorway through a silo shaped curved wall room.

Serpentine Curved Jambs and Mouldings

This undulating curve jamb head was produced for a built-in wall cabinet between two rooms. The 28″ deep wall allowed for a creative design in the cabinet ceiling. Shown is one of a pair of ceilings made to flank an elliptical opening between the two rooms. The wood species is poplar for painting.

Custom Window Frames

For antique window sash etc

For that unique window sash or other special item we can make customized curved window frames. The one shown to the left was manufactured for an antique diamond sash that will be used in an exterior wall. While this frame is made in pine we can also produce similar products in cedar and other exterior woods…including a combination system where an exterior wood is used on the outside and an interior wood is exposed on the inside of the frame.

Compound Curve Mouldings

Extra special architectural treatments often call for an extraordinary moulding detail. This sapele “s-curve” crown moulding is typical of that type of product. Built in two distinct layers and assembled together with a curved spline, the face of this moulding is nearly 14″ wide.

Curved Hand Rail Corners

Hand Railings Photographs
Hand Rail Profiles

Curved Exterior Railings

Hand Railings Photographs
Hand Rail Profiles

Custom Mirror Frames

Portholes Windows

Small round window frames with insert grills


Decorative Plate Frames

Cherry collectible plate frame

Bar rails

Cherry 4″ wide bar rail edge corners

Complete Bar photo gallery
Bar Rail Profiles

Crown, baseboard and more for wrapping around bullnose drywall corners.

Visit our mouldings for  Sheetrock Bullnose Corners page for details.

Flexible drip cap to protect exterior arch top windows.

Corbels and Brackets

At Custom Curved Mouldings we produce high quality custom made corbels and brackets. We produce these out of any required wood species as well as MDF or PVC.

We are able to reproduce existing corbels and brackets for restoration projects as well as those that are specified by designers and architects.

Other Specialty Items

Many specialty radius items are available, such as radius window grillwork, bent jambs, curved baseboards, curved chair rails and various shape mirror frames.