Sheetrock Bullnose Corners

Sheetrock bullnose corners, also known as rounded bullnose corner beads, that are installed on the outside corners of sheetrock, drywall and plaster walls are now being widely used in high-end applications. Although this softer treatment of a 90 degree outside corner is visually pleasing, it’s difficult to find moldings that properly wrap around the corner while also providing that nice curved effect. Due to this availability issue, the vast majority of installers end up making miter cuts on the straight mouldings in order to make a faceted or pointed outside corner. 

The problem here is that this attempt at a solution leaves a gap between the molding and the curved corner bead. That gap then needs to be filled with caulk. Although this type of installation works from a technical standpoint, it’s certainly not the best solution for wrapping baseboards, chair rails and crown mouldings around bullnose radius corners. In essence, it looks a bit unprofessional. In addition, the caulk filler dries out over time. That leaves a noticeable recess where dust and dirt tend to collect. 

What Are Custom Sheetrock Bullnose Corners?

The good news is that we make custom sheetrock bullnose corners that do not cause any gaps and don’t need to be filled with caulk. Although it’s a slightly more expensive sheetrock corner block system, the additional cost is offset by a significant savings in time and labor. In essence, our custom bullnose corner moulding runs all the way around the corner and continues down the adjoining wall on either side. It makes for a far simpler joint at the straight molding 

Should The Sheetrock Bullnose Corners Look Like The Other Moldings In The Room?

We truly believe that all moldings in any particular room should work in conjunction with one another let alone completely match in style. Otherwise, the interior of your home or building will appear as if it’s quickly thrown together with whatever trim boards were left over from the contractors other jobs. In essence, it will end up with the exact opposite effect of what you are aiming for, which is a high-end finished design that you can be proud of. 

Please contact us today for all of your sheetrock bullnose corner needs. We are happy to provide you with a detailed quote for your project. 

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