Radius Curved J-Channel Moldings

J-channels are used around exterior doors and windows, on inside corners and where the exterior siding meets the soffit or roof at an angle. In essence, the exterior siding is installed in the folded J-channel that’s installed right next to the door or window molding. When the J-channel is installed properly it gives the exterior siding a professional, neat, and clean appearance on the corners, doors, windows, and other edges of your home or commercial building. In essence, it makes the siding and trim look seamless. Proper installation is particularly important due to the fact that exterior siding products, such as wood and vinyl, expands and contracts with changes in the temperature. 

So, what do installation specialists do if the J-channel needs to be installed next to an arch top or round top door or window molding? The installer cannot simply install it as if the top of the exterior door or window is flat. Standard J-channel moldings can be bent, but it will never look quite right. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about any of that at your home or commercial building. Custom Curved Mouldings produces custom curved J-channels for basically any shape of curved door, window or other type of opening. J-channels are now widely used with a vast variety of exterior siding including wood and especially vinyl siding.  

However, wrapping arch top, round top, and half round top doors, windows, and opening with standard j-channels tends to be a considerable problem. When you order and install our radius curved J-channel moldings you will avoid those issues. For example, we design our radius curved J-channel moldings to be mounted on the outside of the curve. In addition, we include a recess on the back inside of the curve in order to accommodate an exterior door or window nailing flange. In essence, the nailing flange recess provides the wood or PVC curved molding with the ability to sit flush on the exterior sheathing. 

Both the J-channel recess, and the nailing flange recess details can be custom sized in order to meet all of your installation needs. Please contact us today for all of your radius curved J-channel moldings needs. We are happy to provide you with a detailed quote for your project. 

Custom Curved Mouldings is a radius millwork company that specializes in one of a kind solid wood curved mouldings for any application and precisely made to your specifications. We have been working with both national and local millwork shops, architects, commercial contractors and remodelers since 1973. Our company also works directly with residential and commercial property owners. We’re incredibly proud of our superior residential and commercial products that fit your customized needs. 

Custom Curved Mouldings can fulfill even the most challenging architectural requirements. We will even help you with dimensional verification and project quotes. Look no further when you’re ready to get your project into full gear. Partner with us today.  Custom Curved Mouldings are your radius millwork specialists.

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