Custom Made Porch Railing Post Caps

Custom Curved Mouldings has designed a new and unique system for the construction of porch railings and post caps.

In the photos below you will be able to see how our newly designed decorative porch post caps integrate directly into the curved hand rails. Each post cap is created with short extension stubs that exactly match the profile of the hand rail.

The advantages of this design are significant. First it allows for a much faster and simpler installation of the post cap / hand rail joint. There is no mitering or cope cutting of the hand rail to the post cap at all. Instead a straight forward butt joint supported by dowels or hidden hardware is all that is needed for a clean and tight joint.

Secondly this system avoids all the weak points that tend to lead to joint failure over time. As such you end up with a stronger and longer lasting hand rail installation.

While the photos show this system integrating with a curved hand rail it can be made for any style of porch railing system……including both curved and straight railings as well as with post corners at any angle.

Custom curved hand rail and post cap with integrated hand rail stubs.

Straight through post rails caps for curved hand rail applicaiton.

Here you can see how the post cap top design integrates with the profile of the hand rail.

Note that the bottom of the post cap rail stubs are relieved to recieve the railing system ballusters.

While on these post caps the bottom area is not recessed to wrap around the post top that can easily be designed into your custom post caps.

Here are two 90 degree post caps displayed next to each other.

While this nicely simulates a U-turn interestion these two caps were actually installed about 15′ apart with straight rails joined to the rail stubs.

This is a screenshot from our advanced 3D carving software that is used to design each individual rail stub integrated post cap. 

Contact us for assistance in designing and building your handrail system.