Paint Grade MDF Mouldings

At Custom Curved Mouldings we can offer you an affordable alternative to our solid wood curved mouldings.  For years Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) has been used in the high end cabinet industry for making intricate components. It is a sheet stock product that can be cut into most any curved moulding shape. 
It is a more economical raw product then poplar and in many cases, more dimensionally stable then natural wood.  Further it requires fewer hours of shop time to construct one of our curved mouldings with MDF.

The only serious restriction with MDF mouldings is that they are not recommended for stain grade installations. While they can be stained there is no natural wood grain to enhance the appearance. As such the final appearance may be somewhat disappointing in stain grade applications.

Beyond this limitation MDF mouldings can work for you in most any paint grade application. Once painted there is virtually no difference in appearance from a wood moulding. The installation is identical to a wood moulding and an MDF molding will give you the same longevity as any painted natural wood moulding.

When looking through our Profile Sheets bear in mind that many of these profiles can also be run in MDF.

The savings you will realize with MDF moldings is typically about 1/3 off the cost of a poplar solid wood moulding.  As with all our custom made curved mouldings you will need to contact us directly for pricing.