Paint Grade MDF Curved Mouldings

At Custom Curved Mouldings, we can offer you an affordable alternative to our solid wood curved mouldings.

For years Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) has been used in the high-end cabinet industry for making intricate components, and how we use it in the construction of some of our curved mouldings.

MDF is a sheet-style product that can be cut into most any curved shapes. It is a more economical raw product then poplar and in many cases, more dimensionally stable than natural wood. Further, it requires fewer hours of shop time to make a curved moulding out of MDF.

These designer mirrors were each cut from a single sheet of MDF.

The major limitation of MDF mouldings is that they are only for paint grade projects. However once painted there is virtually no
difference in appearance from a wood moulding. With the excetion of possibly requiring an extra coat of primer an MDF moulding will install and last very much like a solid wood moulding.

Small MDF panel framing mouldings for a scalloped panel moulding system.

Compound curved mouldings are one of our unique specialties.

This very large MDF half-round moulding is one of a group made to precisely fit a half round window installed in a curved wall.

Similar MDF round mouldings used in a set of port hole windows and as a mirror frame.

When looking through our Profile Sheets bear in mind that many of the profiles can be run in MDF.

The savings you will realize with an MDF radius molding is typically 1/3 off the cost of a solid poplar curved moulding. As with all our custom made curved mouldings you will need to contact us directly for specific pricing.