Flexible Drip Cap

Custom Curved Mouldings is interested in the long term protection of our moldings since we produce such high quality products. We’ve invested a great deal of hours searching for a flexible drip cap solution that’s reasonably priced, easy to install, and will provide you with many years of protection. Our company is now offering flexible drip cap flashing products that meet these requirements. We highly recommend them to all of our customers who have purchased our custom  curved moldings for exterior applications. We also sell these flexible drip cap products to customers who purchased exterior curved moldings from other manufacturers. 

The bottom line is that there are countless windows and doors that are exposed to wood rot simply because the flashing was not installed correctly. Either way, we can provide you with the proper size flexible drip cap flashing in order to protect all of your curved opening installations. Our flexible drip cap solutions solves the serious problem of how to keep water out from behind your exterior curved mouldings. It’s a well known fact that without the proper flashing in place water gets behind the molding. When that happens the water channels down to the hidden window jamb and wall framing below.  

Over time the water rots out the trim, window frame, or door frame, and the wooden side walls of your home or commercial building. If any of your current moldings have suffered from damage or have even completely rotted out because the proper flashing was not installed when the trim was originally installed, do not worry. We make numerous replacement moldings, and can make moldings on a custom basis for you as well. It’s important to note that caulking trim in order to prevent water penetration is only a temporary solution.  

Even though high quality caulks are guaranteed to last for many years, they do not prevent moisture from seeping through in a horizontal sealing application. That means that within a short few years the wind, weather, and shifting of the wood will cause the caulking to fail. Water will absolutely penetrate behind the door trim and window trim. A quality door or window installation should always include some form of water penetration protection, either in the form of a wide ceiling overhang or a properly fit flexible drip cap solution

Please contact us today for all of your flexible drip cap needs. We are happy to provide you with a detailed quote for your project. 

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