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Drywall BULLNOSE BASEBOARD corner mouldings. 

          sheetrock bullnose corner baseboard

This radius corner 2-part baseboard corner is made of solid poplar for painting or staining.

The separate base cap is applied to the corner after the flat baseboard
is installed.  This allows the joints to be offset from one another which
makes for a better looking and stronger installation.

We make our radius corner baseboard mouldings with integrated
tangent straight legs.  That means each moulding goes at least
3/4" down the straight wall on either side of the rounded
corner.  The result is an easier installation process and
a larger corner moulding.  Radius corners that only
cover the 90 degree curve tend to loosen over
time and make the joint more visible.

dry wall radius baseboard

We can make our sheetrock radius corners to any outside angle.  In the photo above you
can see 90 degree, 109 degree and 132 degree base cap corners.  These were
all made to specifically fit existing wall outside corners.  While not shown
in the photo we also supplied the 3/4" x 5 1/2" flat faced base for
the non-90 degree corners as well.

sheetrock bull nose base cap              radius drywall corner basecap

Close up of the radius corner base caps showing the different angles.

drywall base bullnose corners

These two photos show a similar main base as above but for a 1/2" radius
bullnose corner and a different style base cap.  We produce over 100 of these for a project.

drywall base bullnose corners

We also make baseboard and chair rail mouldings for
these rounded outside wall corners.  We supply these
components with 3" to 4" long straight legs just as
on the base cap mouldings above.  While this makes for
a somewhat more expensive corner moulding the
extra cost is offset by a noticeable installation labor savings.
Since our corner moulding goes all the way around
the corner and several inches down the adjoining wall
it allows for a straight foward joint between the
radius corner and straight length components.

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