Drywall Bullnose Outside Crown Corner Mouldings

This is a large bullnose corner crown molding shown during installation and when completed and painted.

While viewing the enlarged version of these images take note of how accurately we were able to match our curved corners to the customer’s straight lengths. Only light hand sanding was required to bring the parts into perfect alignment.

7″ poplar crown moulding made for a radius sheetrock corner

This is a 7″ face poplar crown moulding that will wrap around a 3/4″ radius bullnose drywall corner. It has 4″ tangent straight legs on both ends to make for easier joining of the straight crown moulding to this corner component.

Our customer sent in samples of the straight crown mouldings being used throughout the house. There were two versions of the profile, one at 5″ and one at 7″. We supplied exact matches for both profiles, allowing the crown mouldings to properly transition around all the 90 degree bull nose outside corners.

We can make these corners to match most any straight crown moulding, or we can supply the straight mouldings to go with the curved corners if you prefer.

In this end view photo of the same bullnose crown corner you can see that the moulding is cut from a solid glued up poplar block.

The above two photos show a 3 1/2″ face size bull nose crown molding. This is an MDF moulding that was made to match an existing straight crown moulding profile. MDF was used because it is a very stable product that paints cleanly and is less expensive than maple or poplar when used in paint grade applications.

We also make baseboard and chair rail mouldings for these rounded outside wall corners. We supply these components with 3″ to 4″ long straight legs just as on the crown mouldings above. While this makes for a somewhat more expensive corner moulding the extra cost is offset by a noticeable installation labor savings. Since our corner moulding goes all the way around the corner and several inches down the adjoining wall it allows for a straight foward joint between the radius corner and straight length components.