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Drywall bullnose corner blocks for baseboard, chair rails and crowns

How to deal with rounded drywall outside corners

Rounded bullnose corner beads on the outside corners of sheetrock, drywall and plaster walls are now being widely used. While this softer treatment of a 90 degree outside corner is visually pleasing, it is hard to find moldings that properly wrap around the corner with that nice curved effect.

Because of this availability problem most installers end up just making miter cuts on the straight mouldings to make a faceted or pointed outside corner. This leaves a gap between the molding and the curved corner bead that they then fill with caulk.

While this type of installation works it is not the best solution for wrapping baseboards, chair rails and crown mouldings around these bullnose radius corners. At best it tends to look somewhat unprofessional and at worst the caulk filler dries out over time leaving a recess where dust and dirt collect.

We make crown, baseboard and chair rail corner blocks for these rounded outside drywall wall corners. We supply these components with 3/4″ to 4″ long straight legs just as shown above. While this makes for a somewhat more expensive sheetrock corner block this extra cost is offset by a noticeable labor savings. Since our corner block / moulding goes all the way around the corner and continues down the adjoining wall on either side it makes for a simpler joint at the straight molding.

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