Flexible Drip Cap Flashing for up to 1 1/4″ Thick Casing

We supply flexible drip cap flashing with our custom made exterior curved mouldings.

Even if we have not made your solid wood or PVC exterior casings we can still provide this heavy weight flexible drip cap flashing to protect your curved opening installation.

This flexible drip cap solves the serious problem of how to keep water out from behind exterior curved mouldings.  Without proper flashing water gets behind the moulding and channels down to the hidden window jamb and wall framing below.  Over time this rots out the trim, window or door frame and the wooden side walls of the building.  We make many replacement mouldings for situations where proper flashing was not used and the original trim, and often much more, has succombed to deterioration..

IMPORTANT:  caulking trim to prevent water penetration is at best a temporary solution.  Even though high quality caulks are guaranteed to last for many years, they do not prevent moisture from seeping through in a horizontal sealing application.  Within a few years of instalation wind, weather and wood movement will cause the caulk seal to fail and water WILL penetrate behind the window trim. A quality window or door installation will always incorporate some form of water penetration protection, either in the form of a wide ceiling overhang or proper bendable flashing, such as copper, lead, vinyl or this new polypropylene product.

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Flexible Drip Cap flashing for up to 1 1/4″ Casing

Price: $27.00 per 6′ length.
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Our flexible drip cap wrapping a  3/4″ thick flat faced half round casing.

This is our paintable flexible drip cap with the triangular water kick-out removed.

Note the raised ridges on the outer face that force water away from the building.

Flexible Drip Cap flashing for up to 1 1/4″ Casing

This is a polypropelene product that is available in 6′ lengths. This flexible drip cap is molded in single 6′ lengths and is available in white, black and a paintable black material. 


  • Heavy weight polypropelene material that is approx. 1/8″ thick.
  • Water kick out triangles moulded into both ends to deflect water away from your building.
  • Only available in 6′ lengths. Joining tape is included with less than full case orders.
  • Covers up to 1 1/4″ thick mouldings.
  • Available in white, black or paintable.

We stock this flexible drip cap product in all three colors so we can supply it along with our custom made wood curved mouldings.

This curvable drip cap flashing is flexible enough to bend around a tight radius opening yet rigid enough to maintain a smooth matching curve.

As you can see in the dimensioned drawings below it is designed to cover an exterior moulding up to 1 1/4″ thick. However it can be used
on thicker mouldings with a small modification to the moulding. By cutting a 1/4″ deep rabbet into the front edge of moulding the small drip cap nosing can drop into that notch and water will be forced out and away from the wall.

Left to right in photo: black, brown (by special order) and white.

Available in: WHITE, BLACK, PAINTABLE BLACK (not shown)

Note: Brown is available as a custom order of 200 pieces or more.

It is supplied in 6′ lengths and includes seaming tape and instructions for longer runs.

The cost is $ 27.00 per 6′ length.

The flashing cleanly hugs the shape of most any radius top window or door.

It is available in 6′ lengths and multiple sections are easily joined together for longer runs. One piece is long enough to protect a typical 36″ diameter 1/2-round opening.

Here you can see special raised lips that force water towards the outer edge of the flexible flashing.

The drip cap is easily installed right over the sheating or house wrap just prior to installation of the siding. Note that a few staples or small nails will hold the drip cap in place until it is covered by the siding.

In this photo you can see the integrated triangular kick-out panel at the lower end of each flashing section that shoots the water out and away from the side of the building. This may be cut away if your application works better without it.

At Custom Curved Mouldings we are concerned about the long term protection of our high quality custom made mouldings. That is why we have invested a great deal of time in searching for a flexible drip cap flashing that is reasonably priced, easy to install and which will provide many years of water shed protection. We feel we have found such a product in both of these flexible drip cap flashings As such we recommend one or the other to all our customers purchasing our exterior curved mouldings.

There are many existing curved opening installations that were not properly protected by drip cap flashing. Plus many more arch top windows and doors are installed every day. As such even though we stock these two flexible drip cap products to supply with our own custom radius millwork they are available to anyone who needs to protect an exterior arched opening from the weather.