Custom Curved Baseboard Mouldings

Custom Curved Mouldings produces a vast variety of curved baseboards in order to fit all of our customers needs. Our custom curved baseboard moldings can be fabricated to fit on curved wall sections to meet your specifications.  Custom curved baseboard mouldings can also be designed to fit along curved base cabinets, bars and desks.  Compound curves are fabricated to run along staircases or in other applications where the moulding is elevated on a curved wall. Our custom curved baseboards are available  in a wide variety of materials, from medium density fiberboard (MDF) to PVC.

However, wood baseboards are typically the sturdiest option. Deciding what type of baseboard material is right for your home or building requires you to consider multiple factors, including the property’s environment, the purpose of the project, and the style of molding you choose. Our team is happy to work with you in order to help you decide exactly what type of custom curved baseboard is perfect for your specific needs.

What Are Custom Curved Baseboard Mouldings?

Custom curved baseboard mouldings are typically installed for aesthetic reasons. This type of decorative trim works in a similar fashion as crown mouldings that are installed along the top of the wall in order to hide the areas where the walls meet the ceiling. In essence, custom curved baseboard mouldings hide the joint where the wall meets the floor. If this area is left untreated it would give off the appearance that the room is unfinished. Most baseboards are rather plain. So,  custom curved baseboards provide a good opportunity to add a fancy, high-end design element that will truly stand out in any room.

Baseboards in general also serve another purpose. For example, they protect plaster and wallboard walls from getting banged up and scuffed. Shoes, chairs, and vacuum cleaners would tend to do a great deal of damage to the walls inside of homes and buildings if it wasn’t for the baseboard trim.

Should The Custom Curved Baseboard Mouldings Look Like The Other Trim In The Room?

There are many interesting theories behind choosing and installing molding. In general, however, the design of the custom curved baseboard mouldings should tie in with the other trim in the room. Basically, all the trim should be part of the same family, with similar detail and proportions. For example, an 18-inch-high, elaborately carved baseboard just doesn’t feel right in a tiny room with a low ceiling.

Baseboard trim is typically significantly less ornate than crown molding, although in modern properties both tend to be on the more minimalist side. Since custom curved baseboards are adjacent to the floor, you need to ensure that the two materials work together in terms of both color and texture.

Please contact us today for all of your custom curved baseboard moulding needs. We are happy to provide you with a detailed quote for your project.

Custom Curved Mouldings is a radius millwork company that specializes in one of a kind solid wood curved mouldings for any application and precisely made to your specifications. We have been working with both national and local millwork shops, architects, commercial contractors and remodelers since 1973. Our company also works directly with residential and commercial property owners. We’re incredibly proud of our superior residential and commercial products that fit your customized needs.

Custom Curved Mouldings can fulfill even the most challenging architectural requirements. We will even help you with dimensional verification and project quotes. Look no further when you’re ready to get your project into full gear. Partner with us today.  Custom Curved Mouldings are your radius millwork specialists.

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