Curved PVC Moldings

curved PVC moldingsCustom Curved Mouldings is your source for your radius PVC moldings, also known as curved PVC moldings. We’ve been able to utilize our vast experience with radius wood moldings to supply you with the highest quality radius exterior  curved PVC moldings. In fact, there are numerous methods that  we can utilize in order to produce the highest quality curved PVC moldings. For example, to make a 36” half circle, we cut from a 4 x 8 sheet and then apply the profile with our radius molding machinery. 

For some of our other types of custom curved PVC moldings it makes more sense to utilize the heat bending technique on an existing PVC molding in our specially designed PVC bending oven. With either method, we guarantee that you will receive the highest quality, precisely designed and constructed radius curved PVC molding.  

What Are Curved PVC Moldings?

You may have heard of the term PVC, but think that it’s a material that’s only used to make plumbing pipes and other types of pipes. However, PVC compounds or chemicals can be manufactured into many other building materials such as PVC trim boards, and curved PVC moldings. Although wood is the preferred trim and molding material for interior applications, PVC trim and moldings are quickly becoming the go to for exterior applications. This is due to the fact that the material is less expensive than wood and lasts significantly longer. 

In essence, curved VC moldings are an excellent low-maintenance alternative to wood curved moldings. Curved PVC molding is typically used as soffits, fascia boards, rake boards, columns, window surrounds, and door surrounds. Curved PVC moldings have the ability to withstand even the harshest winter weather conditions or decades on end.

Should The Curved PVC Moldings Match The Other Trim On The Building?

The bottom line is the trim that’s installed on the exterior of your home or building should be uniform in size and style including profile widths. It’s best not to mix and match different sizes and styles. Otherwise, it can make the property appear as if it wasn’t designed in a uniform manner. However the curved PVC molding can be a different color than the body of the exterior of the property. For example, if the house or building is  painted white, or covered with white vinyl siding,  gray curved PVC molding will contrast nicely.  

Please contact us today for all of your custom curved PVC moldings needs. We are happy to provide you with a detailed quote for your project. 

Custom Curved Mouldings is a radius millwork company that specializes in one of a kind solid wood curved pvc mouldings for any application and precisely made to your specifications. We have been working with both national and local millwork shops, architects, commercial contractors and remodelers since 1973. Our company also works directly with residential and commercial property owners. We’re incredibly proud of our superior residential and commercial products that fit your customized needs. 

Custom Curved Mouldings can fulfill even the most challenging architectural requirements. We will even help you with dimensional verification and project quotes. Look no further when you’re ready to get your project into full gear. Partner with us today.  Custom Curved Mouldings are your radius millwork specialists.


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