Curved Crown Molding

The entire team at Custom Curved Mouldings takes significant pride in each and every one of the amazing products that we produce. However, when it comes to displaying the highest level of quality workmanship that our dedicated craftsmen produce each and every day then nothing quite compares to our ornate curved crown molding. To say that our curved crown molding work is the cream of the crop is an understatement. That’s why it has been installed at some of the finest homes and commercial buildings throughout the country. 

What Is Curved Crown Molding?

Curved crown moldings can elevate an entire room. In essence, it adds both style and character without making the room look too cluttered or overdone. With curved crown molding that’s designed and milled on a custom basis, there are literally endless choices to match any architectural theme. Curved crown molding adds a small touch that makes a significant impact in any room of your home or commercial building, regardless of whether there is colonial theme or something more modern. 

In terms of enhancing the interior appeal of any residential or commercial property, curved crown moldings is one of the best if not the best investments that a real estate owner can make. The bottom line is that our custom curved crown molding is an incredibly cost effective way to increase the value of any property that it’s installed in. Curved crown molding is a type of interior trim that adorns the top of a wall in the same way a crown adorns the top of a person’s head. In essence, it hides the seam where the wall and ceiling meet. 

Should The Curved Crown Molding Look Like The Other Trim In The Room?

Curved crown molding often matches the other moldings in the room. It should also match the cabinetry details if it’s installed in a kitchen or other space that contains built-in cabinets. Our custom curved crown moldings are available in every style and variation that you can think of. However, it should absolutely work hand in hand with the other moldings in the room. For example, it’s important for the door and window casings to match with the curved crown molding because they are located in the same area of the wall and are usually viewed together. 

Please contact us today for all of your curved crown molding needs. We are happy to provide you with a detailed quote for your project. 

Custom Curved Mouldings is a radius millwork company that specializes in one of a kind solid wood curved mouldings for any application and precisely made to your specifications. We have been working with both national and local millwork shops, architects, commercial contractors and remodelers since 1973. Our company also works directly with residential and commercial property owners. We’re incredibly proud of our superior residential and commercial products that fit your customized needs. 

Custom Curved Mouldings can fulfill even the most challenging architectural requirements. We will even help you with dimensional verification and project quotes. Look no further when you’re ready to get your project into full gear. Partner with us today.  Custom Curved Mouldings are your radius millwork specialists.

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