Curved Arch Top and Round Top Casings

Custom Curved Mouldings produces custom arch top and round top casings for all shapes of doors, windows, arched passageways and other applications in order to enhance the architectural design aspect of both residential and commercial interior rooms.  

What are Curved Arch Top and Round Top Casings?

Curved arch top and round top casings are door and window trim that’s found around a door or window opening. Casings serve a decorative function by enhancing the looks of interior doors and windows in both residential and commercial applications. Curved arch top and round top casings further enhance the interior design aspects of the rooms inside of residential homes and commercial buildings. From a functional standpoint, casings conceal the transition between the wall and the door jamb, which tends to be eyesore if left untreated. Standard casings are composed from three (3) separate pieces. 

There are two (2) long trim pieces that are installed on either of the door or window frame. One (1) smaller piece of trim is installed above the door or window in order to complete the frame. This is called the head casing. By simply replacing the standard head casing with a curved arch top or round top casing above the doors and windows you can truly make any interior room standout, in essence, curved arch top and round top casings provide an added degree of depth, which makes the room feel larger. Historically speaking, door and window casings set the tone for the entire room. 

Should The Curved Arch Top and Round Top Casings Look Like The Other Trim In The Room?

Curved arch top and round top casings come in a wide variety of styles from clean and simple to ornate and elegant. However, both the door trim and window trim should work in conjunction with the other types of trim that are installed in a particular room. That basically means all of the mouldings in each room should share the same basic characteristics including details and proportions. Otherwise, the room will look and feel like it has too many mixes of styles. The curved arch top and round top casings should match well with the crown moulding since both types of trim are installed near or at the top of the walls. 

In essence, it’s important that they work in conjunction with each other regarding the texture and the color or the trim. 

Please contact us today for all of your curved arch top and round top casing needs. We are happy to provide you with a detailed quote for your project. 

Custom Curved Mouldings is a radius millwork company that specializes in one of a kind solid wood curved mouldings for any application and precisely made to your specifications. We have been working with both national and local millwork shops, architects, commercial contractors and remodelers since 1973. Our company also works directly with residential and commercial property owners. We’re incredibly proud of our superior residential and commercial products that fit your customized needs. 

Custom Curved Mouldings can fulfill even the most challenging architectural requirements. We will even help you with dimensional verification and project quotes. Look no further when you’re ready to get your project into full gear. Partner with us today.  Custom Curved Mouldings are your radius millwork specialists.

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