About Custom Curved Mouldings

Radius Millwork Specialists

Custom Curved Mouldings is a custom radius millwork shop specializing in one of a kind solid wood curved mouldings and radius millwork.  The company started in 1973  as B.H. Davis Co. providing custom woodworking projects throughout the New England area. In 1991, upon the request of a customer, we began to manufacture curved mouldings. As interest in this specialized product has grown, so has our emphasis on radius millwork.  The demand has become so large that we now exclusively produce radius millwork, supplying customers not only from coast to coast in the US, but overseas as well.

In 2008 Custom Curved Mouldings relocated into the historically restored Mechanicsville School building.  Acquired by Bernie Davis in 2004 with a collapsed roof this quintessential example of neo-classical architecture required nearly two years of full time restoration work to bring it back to it’s circa 1924 glory.   Upon completion of the restoration project the property was leased for several years for use as a restaurant, which provided an opportunity the local residents whom had attended school in the two classrooms to revisit old memories.  When the restaurant vacated the property at then end of 2007 Bernie decided to move his curved moulding business into the building, providing all members of the staff with a gracious and unique work environment.


In 2016 the business was sold to Rob Werge and renamed as Custom Curved Mouldings.  We continued to produce curved mouldings in the Mechanicsville School building until 2020 when we moved to our new 12,000 square foot home in the Putnam CT industrial park.  While not as quaint as the old schoolhouse, our new home is more conducive to manufacturing and is providing the much needed space to grow and continue to serve our customers.

We have over 1800 moulding knife profiles available, and custom knives can be ground to match your existing molding patterns. We can work in any wood species required and produce virtually any shaped curve needed. Using your measurements or templates, we can supply curved trim for interior and exterior use to fit all new and existing windows and doors. The most common requests are for half-round, elliptical and eyebrow shapes, but full-round, quarter-round, oval and other circular styles are regularly ordered as well. Whatever the shape, we can usually supply it in one piece, ready to install.  We also manufacture curved crown mouldings, bar rails, baseboard, roof swales, applied mouldings and many other custom products.

Our passion and focus on curved mouldings also include specialty products such as custom corbels, brackets, key blocks, sheet rock bullnose corners and more.