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Radius PVC Mouldings

At B.H. Davis Company is now also the source for your
radius PVC molding requirements.  We use our experience with
radius wood moldings to now supply you with the highest
quality radius exterior PVC moldings.

Contact us with your required specifications
and we will promptly provide pricing.

pvc Azek molding

There are a number of methods we can use to produce
your PVC moldings.  In this case the 36" half cricle
was cut from 4x8 sheet stock and then the profile
was applied with our radius moulding machinery.

Other situations my be better suited for heat bending
an exsiting PVC molding to shape in our specially
designed PVC bending oven.  Either way we
can assure you receive a high quality, precisely
designed and constructed radius PVC moulding.

profiled azek and pvc moldings            historic restoration pvc and azek

The left hand photo above shows the original mouldings that needed
to be reproduced.  The right hand photo shows our reproduction
PVC molding sitting on top of the original pine half round.
You can clearly see how we were able to duplicate the
moulding profile so the reproduction PVC half
circle is an accurate match to the original.

pvc and azek corbels and key blocks

This photo shows a close up of our replacement
PVC keyblock.  It accurately matches the
original right down to thickness
and side taper angles.

Radius PVC J-Channel

J-channels are now widely used with many different types of siding.  There is
always a problem though with how to wrap arch top openings with a proper J-channel.

At B.H. Davis Company we can produce custom curved J-channels for most
any shape curved door, window or other opening.

In the photos below you will see one of our PVC J-channel half round exterior mouldings.
This particular half round moulding has a J-channel to receive siding on the
outside of the curve and a 1/8" x 1 1/2" recess on the back inside of the
curve to accomodate a window nailing flange.  This nailing flange recess
allows the PVC half round moulding to sit flush on the building sheathing.
Used in conjunction with our DRIP CAP FLASHING this system will
guarantee a long and waterproof life for your curved opening installation.

Contact us for pricing on making a custom PVC or wood J-channel molding for your installation.

pvc Azek Kleer molding arch top J channel

Close up view of the J-channel recess (right side) and nailing flange recess (on the left).
Both of these details can be specifically sized to meet your installation needs.

CLICK HERE to learn more about our curved PVC J-Channel mouldings.

pvc Azek Kleer molding bent J channel           

Half circle J-channel exterior Kleer brand PVC window trim.

PVC (Azek) full round jamb

This photos shows a 36" diameter x 5 1/2" wide
PVC full circle jamb.  This PVC moulding
is being installed as an oversized porthole window
in a long PVC sided exterior divider wall.

PVC brackets

This photo shows a pair of recently completed
PVC Corbels.  We use our years of experience
producing corbels and brackets out of wood to
assure you receive the hightesst quality PVC corbels.

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