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Splayed Panelized Window Jamb & Casing

B.H. Davis Company

Atlantic Woodworking
Speonk, NY

B.H. Davis Company was asked by Atlantic Woodworking
develop a plan for the construction of this complex unit.
It required a flared side wall with flat recessed panels
on an extra thick exterior wall.
After thorough consideration of all the construction
issues we decided to build it as shown in the
photos below.

rail and stile flared wall system
The is shown in the construction stage of the project.
The opening is approximately 48" wide at the wall surface
and narrows down to about 36" wide at the face of the window.

flared / splayed paneled opening
These are the architects drawing used to create the unit.

splayed / flared frame and panel window trim
All curved components are made and ready for delivery.

splayed / flared frame and panel window trim
Close up of the frame and panel construction.


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