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Curved Stairway Components

Project by:

T.Woodward Stair Builder
N.Branford, CT

curved stair treads

The above photo shows the installation phase of 1/4-sawn white oak
serpentine stair tread, landing nosing and poplar risers produced
by B.H. Davis Company.  We supplied these approximately
10' long components ready to be trimmed to length and set in place.

The risers are constructed of special bending plywood with a poplar
thick veneer face.  The tread and nosing are produced of solid 1/4-sawn
white oak strips glued together on a precisely designed curved form.

curved stair tread templates

This photo shows curved risers supplied by B.H. Davis Company and treads produced
by T.Woodward Stair Builders.  Along
with the production of the serpentine landing
stair components shown in the first photo they had us produce templates
 for each of these curved treads.  They then used those template to
accurately make each 1/4-sawn white oak stair tread.  Those
treads were then matched up with the corresponding risers.


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