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Reproduction Thermos Brand Parade Truck

Round Ribs by B.H. Davis Company

Project by:
A couple of great guys in CT !!!

"Here's a couple pictures of the thermos bottle car we did about 4 years ago.
It took about 8 months of Saturday evenings to get it figured out but we
perseverd and got it done.  It took a little head scratching to get it figured out.
The chassis to this is a 1925 model-TT ford 1 ton truck which is
what one of the original cars was built on.  She does run and drive
so it's usable in parades. People love it and are unaware that
the Thermos company acatually had these. We are very pleased
with how it turned out. The time you spent on our project greatly
enhanced its final appearance by producing such perfect roundness
to the bottle structure."
                                                                       Mark Terluk


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