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Half Round Windows in a Curved Wall

Radius components by B.H. Davis Company

Project by:
Fairfield County Millwork

Bethany, CT

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These are flat faced half round windows that have been installed in a curved wall.
Extension jambs were made that bring the window trim out to the face of the
curved wall surface.  Then the compound curved half round casings were applied.

The casings with the mounted jamb extensions on inner and outer surfaces
measured 3 5/8" deep x 6 3/16" wide.  This complex system was built as one
component in our shop and delivered to the site for installation.  We were
told ( and you can see)  that with minor scribing to accomodate out of trueness in the curved
wall the installation was a complete success.

Shown below is a back to back pair of similar half round mouldings made a
number of years prior to the above project.  This photo helps to show the
nature of the work involved in making these complex mouldings.


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