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Barge Board Decorative Trim

B.H. Davis Company

Project by
Architechtural Components
Montaque, MA

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Thomas Cole National Historic Park

This new building is a replica of the original demolished in the 1970's.


B.H. Davis Company produced the barge board trim
shown below in conjunction with
Architectural Components of Montaque, MA
and Rex Lumber Company of Acton, MA.

roof trim

Barge boards installed.

bargeboards building

The original building is on the left.  An artist rendering of the new building is on the right.

rake and eave decorative trim

One group ready for delivery.

barge boards

Close up photo of a stack of
barge board finials.

barge boards

A small group still being worked on in the shop.

barge boards

This closeup photo shows how the finial grain
runs vertically while the main section of the barge
board has a lengthwise grain direction.  This short
length of wood is tennoned into the main section above.
It is made this way so that the finial will be stronger
and less likely to break off over time.


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