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Round 50" Diameter Ventillation Grill

B.H. Davis Company


Project by:
Petra Construction
North Haven, CT

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custom round ventillation grill

This is one of a pair of two round ventillation grills
made for the large return air ducts of a commercial building.
The grill is over 50" across at the center and made of four
components:  the outer rim moulding, the center
medallion, the muntin framework and separate
quarter round mouldings that were mitered
and applied to the grill framework. 

Here at B.H. Davis Company we made
all the components including the one piece
grill framework and separate applied quarter round
mouldings.  Petra Construction's skilled woodworkers
then mitered all the quarter round mouldings into
place on the one piece grill framework.  The
complexity of the entire process is hidden by the
clean, flowing lines of the finished medallions.


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