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Oval Bar

B.H. Davis Company

Project by
JBI Interiors
Long Beach, CA


Oval bar

B.H. Davis Company worked with JBI Interiors to
construct this spectacular 30' oval bar at New York City's
Intercontinental Barclay Hotel.  We worked with
Sapele Mahogany to constrcut the entire bar top and
rail system along with the applied oval mouldings on the
the bar wall as well as the oval ceiling mouldings.

Applied ceiling mouldings

An end view of the 30' oval bar showing the ADA compliant
oval end counter.  While the rest of the bar counter surface was made by
"brick laying" individual board sections end to end in long, arcing, staggered
sections this 30" deep ADA compliant counter area was  too deep to be
seasonally stable with that construction.  As such it was made by steam bending
individual 3/4" wide strips that were then glued together to make
the overall 30" counter depth.  The resulting appearance is that
of a single curved 30" wide board.

Oval bar

Here is a view along the face of the bar giving a good view
of the 3 1/2" tall triple-bullnose outer bar rail and tiny
applied moulding profile.

Oval bar

A lengthwise view of the bar from the bar tender's gate entry end.


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