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Flexible Drip Cap Flashing
Two styles from which to choose.

flexible flashing
Heavy weight
flexible flashing
Medium weight

We supply flexible drip cap flashing with our
custom made exterior curved mouldings.

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Even if we have not made your solid wood
or PVC exterior casings we can still provide the
flexible drip cap flashing needed to protect

your curved opening installation.

Bendable drip cap

Flexible Drip Cap Flashing for Exterior Arched Openings

At B.H. Davis Company we now offer a choice of
two flexble drip cap options.  The two types are
different enough in design to give you an option as
to which is best suited to protect your project.

Heavy Weight Drip Cap

Flexible drip cap

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A high quality, long lasting polypropelene product available in 6' lengths.

$3.50 per foot
Available in 6' lengths for $21.00 each.

Medium Weight Drip Cap

      Flexible drip cap flashing

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A flexicle PVC cap with a rubberized flange
available in up to 50' lengths.

$5.00 per foot
Cut to required lengths up to 50' long

At B.H. Davis Company we are as interested in the long term protection
of our mouldings as we are in the production of a high quality product. 
That is why many hours have been spent searching for a flexible drip cap flashing
that is reasonably priced, easy  to install and will provide many years of protection.

Both of the flashing products above meet those requirements.  
As such we recommend one or the other to all our customers
purchasing curved mouldings for exterior applications.

However there are also countless existing windows and doors exposed to wood
rot due to improperly installed or missing flashing.  To help rectify this problem
we will sell these flexible drip cap products with or without
the purchase of one of our curved mouldings.

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