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Medium weight Flexible Drip Cap Flashing

for Exterior Arched Openings

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We supply flexible drip cap flashing with our
custom made exterior curved mouldings.

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Even if we have not made your solid wood
or PVC exterior casings we can still provide this
medium weight flexible drip cap flashing to
protect your curved opening installaton.

Installed flexible flashing


Price:  $5.00 per foot.
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As an alternative to our heavy weight drip cap that comes in
molded 6' lengths we offer this medium weight flashing that is
produced in 50' long rolls.  As such we can cut and ship
precisely the length you need in order to wrap the top of your
arched installation without the need to join multiple pieces.

This flexible flashing is constructed using two separate
materials. It has a soft flexible membrane that mounts to the
sheathing and a hard plastic cover over the moulding top edge.
It is only made in white and while it is not designed to be painted
you may have success with some of the new plastic paints.

It is available in two sizes:  
Narrow:  covers up to 11/16" moulding.
Wide:  covers up to 1" moulding.

* * * * * * * * * *


    - Available in up to 50' continuous length.

-Soft rubberized flange conforms easily to uneven building surface.

-Flexible PVC cap that wraps over the top of the moulding.

- Available in 11/16" and 1" versions.

- Only comes in white.

- Not designed to be painted.

* * * * * * * * * *

flexible drip cap               bending flashing

This product is also made from weather and UV resistant
materials.  It comes in two widths for covering either 11/16"
thick or 1" thick exterior mouldings.  It has a hard but flexible
plastic nosing and a rubberized flange that rolls up the wall.

Installation Proceedure

flexible drip flashing                bending head flashing            

Step 1:  Cut to length                  Step 2:  Remove tape covering

flexible head flashing   twistable drip cap

Step 3:  Wrap flashing around moulding


  flexible flashing

Step 4:  Nail into position.  "A" = 11/16"  OR    1"


This flashing is available only in white and is sold by the foot.
The cost is the same for both the 11/16" and 1" versions.

Cost:  $ 5.00 per foot cut to length
(No minimum length requirement)

This flexible drip cap solves the serious problem of how to keep
water out from behind exterior curved mouldings.  Without proper
flashing water gets behind the moulding and channels down
to the hidden window jamb and wall framing below.  Over time
this rots out the trim, window or door frame and the wooden
side walls of the building.  We make many replacement mouldings
for situations where proper flashing was not used and subsequently the
original trim, and often much more, has succombed to deterioration..

IMPORTANT:  caulking trim to prevent water penetration is
at best a temporary solution.  Even though high quality caulks are
guaranteed to last for many years, they do not prevent moisture
from seeping through in a horizontal sealing application. 
Within a few years of installation wind, weather and wood
movement will cause the caulk seal to fail and water WILL
penetrate behind the window trim. A quality window or
door installation will always incorporate some form of water
penetration protection, either in the form of a wide ceiling
overhang or proper flashing, such as copper, lead,
vinyl, polypropylene or this flexible product.

At B.H. Davis Company we are concerned
about the long term protection of our high quality
custom made mouldings.That is why we have invested
a great deal of time in searching for a flexible drip cap
flashing that is reasonably priced, easy to install and which
will provide many years  of  water shed protection.  We feel
we have found such a prduct in both of these flexible drip cap
flashings As such we recommend one or the other to all our
customers purchasing our exterior curved mouldings.

There are many existing curved opening installations that
were not properly protected by drip cap flashing.  Plus
many more arch top windows and doors are installed
every day.  As such even though we stock these two
flexible drip cap products to supply with our own
custom radius millwork they are available to
anyone who needs to protect an exterior
arched opening from the weather.

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