B.H. Davis Company

Curved Crown Mouldings

Our craftsmen here at B.H. Davis Company take significant pride  in
 the products they produce.  There are few items that can display the result
 of this commitment more emphaticallly then curved crown moldings.

Below you will see a few examples of the hundreds of curved crown
projects we have completed over the years.  

[See a few of our available Crown Moulding Profiles]

curved crown 1
27" wide cedar built up crown system.
Radius components by B.H. Davis Company

curved crown 2
Painted poplar interior curved crown mouldings.

curved crown 3
Richly stained curved crown mouldings by B.H. Davis Company.

curved crown 6
Unfinished poplar curved crown moulding prior to leaving the shop.

curved crown 4
Crown molding radius top pediment head on an elaborate
entertainment center.  Curved components by
B.H. Davis Company.

curved crown 5

Unfininished Alder complex crown moulding ready to ship to one of our clients.
It was machined from a single block of wood on our computer controlled CNC Router.
The shape was created using 3D software to guide specialized bits along the moulding surface.

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