B.H. Davis Company

Arch Top Door & Window Radius Casings

At B.H. Davis Company we produce custom arched
radius casings for all shapes of doors, windows, arched passageways
and other applications.  Below are a few examples of radius
casings we have produced over the past 20+ years.  

Painted oval casing made to match
our customer's template.


Butternut wood Half Round radius casing assembly.

Half round trim

Exterior brick mold style eyebrow casing.

outside eyebrow trim

outside elliptical door curved top trim             elliptical transom molding

Elliptical entryway mahogany interior and exterior radius casing packages.

garage door curved casing

Arch top garage door radius casings and jambs.

half circle trim

Half circle window radius casing.

eyebrow passageway between rooms              Eyebrow trm corner

Arched passageway eyebrow radius casings and jamb.

trim for a half circle window in a curved wall

Half circle windows installed in a curved wall.
Extension jambs and very large radius
casings produced by B.H. Davis Company.

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