B.H. Davis Company

Bending PVC

At B.H. Davis Company we have several different ways

to produce your radius PVC architectural mouldings.

Depending upon the applications we can either heat bend straight
PVC moldings to shape or cut them out of large PVC sheets
using our CNC router.  Whether made by heat bending
or CNC cutting your PVC mouldings will be made to
precisely fit your opening.

Contact us with your required specifications
and we will promptly provide pricing.

pvc Azek molding

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your questions, comments and price quote requests.

Bending pvc and bending Azek are done on a regular basis. We bend PVC and we bend Azek to match all types of curves and arch top windows and doors. Bending pvc for round tops is our specialty. We use heat bending methods to produce clean and accurate heat bent pvc and heat bent Azek mouldings. Heat bending PVC and heat bending Azek is one of our specialties. Heat bending PVC and heat bending Azek are some of the best methods for producing heat bent Azek and heat bent PVC moldings. If you need heat bent PVC or heat bent Azek mouldings contact B.H. Davis Company